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Cats are great

Want to see more cats?

#catsofinstagram is probably where you should be but if you want to see my goofy cats and their friends well lookie here.

My Work

My day job

I’m a senior marketing engineer at boomtime and I’m also the manager of engineering. boomtime engineers are like dev-ops journeymen, wizards of application configuration, masters of legacy systems support, slingers of jiffy code and so much more. We work with an amazing in-house customer relationship management system (CRM).

As manager, “a rising tide lifts all boats” is my philosophy; I believe in training tomorrow’s super stars today by making tools and knowledge available and easy to parse. You succeed, I succeed, we all get better at the thing.

Stuff I Support

Things that fall into the side hustle category but each is part of a greater good. I have done web development or other development for these groups because I believe in the power of community action and involvement:

Other Stuff

WordCamp Albuquerque 2020

image credit – Bree Cox for WordCamp 2018

WordCamp is a place for WordPress designers, developers, content creators, bloggers, business owners and enthusiasts to celebrate and learn about all things WordPress. I’ve been volunteering at our local Albuquerque WordCamps since 2016.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 Took Our Baby!

Albuquerque WordCamp 2020 Website