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COVID-19 Took Our Baby!

a shifty looking dingo

WordCamp ABQ 2020 postponed by the virus

A lot of love and hard work was put into the making of the 2020 WordCamp but we had to hit the pause button. We were so close, less than three weeks from going live. To their credit, WordCamp Central already had a plan in place for refunds and other administrative dialing back of things.

They think of everything..

It’s not because everyone over there has a natural +5 on their intelligence scores, although maybe.. I think it’s because is an open source community. WordPress has been a thing for around sixteen years now. Plenty of time to learn how to build up and empower a community of users. Meetups, workalongs, Slack groups are some of the ways the WordPress community supports users by being there to help.

Postponed > Cancelled

Dingo’s breeding cycle occurs just once a year from March to June. How bummed would the dingos be if COVID-19 interfered with all the best dingo gatherings? Suffice it to say, some things can only happen at a certain time of year or not at all – like Chinese New Year and March Madness. Luckily WordCamps can be slid around the calendar at times like this. In fact, WordCamps occur all around the world throughout the year. The organizing team is aiming for early fall for the re-do but TL;DR: we’re waiting till the Department of Health says the worst of the virus has passed.

viruses suck
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