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The Second Life of Big Bear

Bear Hunters

Our house is located on the path to a pretty sweet park. One of the upshots of the whole global pandemic is a lot more people are getting a taste of working from home which means more time for doing stuff like walking to the park. Since I already work from home, this has been business as usual for me except that when I look out the window, I see a lot more people and their kids walking to that pretty sweet park.

Anyhow, somewhere I ran across an article about “Bear Hunts” with your children while walking in the neighborhood. Folks place a teddy bear on the porch or in the window for little kids to “hunt” while out burning energy. This would explain why my neighbors had a big old bear on their porch. Red ribbon around it’s neck just kicking back in a plastic chair. I thought maybe the kids had exiled it for arcane kid reasons. Turns out they left it outside to be hunted by other kids!

Here there be bears

Don’t worry about Big Bear though he’s over thirty, survived two kids, two dogs, and five lazy cats. Soon he’ll be back inside with his buddies The Flea, Hello Kitty, and the wretched zebra mask.

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