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The 4th Cat

You know.. the one who always hides.

The one who will bite and scratch if you do the pettin’ wrong.

She’s also the one with the tiniest feet and cutest little mweep of a meow.

That’s our Pebbles. We chose her, just a few days after her person passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

It was because I remembered warm summer nights sitting with her person on his back deck, having a smoke, listening to music. Eventually noticing she had crept out of her hidey hole under the step to curl up next to me.

Damn near ripped my arm off the first day I tried to being her home. It was another ten days before she knew the gig was up – all the other cats were gone and it was time to go.

She is our Pebsies, PebsChan, Pebsos etc.. and we love her dearly.

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