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The Guy Who Ejected Himself

F l a n k e r / Public domain

I smile every time I think of it..

It’s like comic gold. The pure perfection in making a frightening experience exponentially worse by clenching up in fear. I read about it last week and I saved the article just so I could go back and experience the schadenfreude again and again.

In case you missed it, some French defense contractor dude was gifted a surprise flight on a French fighter jet. Somehow, neither the pilot nor the dude were aware that as a civi passenger he was not okay’d to be subjected to “a negative load factor.” Apparently, when the load factor goes negative, you feel like you’re upside down.

He “[took] to the air like a child’s imagination!” (Deadlift, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)

The unnamed Frenchman, who had only accepted his gift-flight out of social pressure from his co-workers a couple hours prior, was scared sh*tless even before entering the cockpit. Within moments the jet was leveling during takeoff (this is where the negative load factor comes in) Poor guy he lost it and grabbed for anything to hold onto and wound up grabbing the ejector handle!


Now and then the universe delivers some comic relief.