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PHP 5.6 & 7.0

I have also worked with the following technologies:




WordPress My SQL Git
Sass MongoDB Vagrant
screencap of SiMonZon Bootstrap, JS Practice


This was an afternoon practice project I created using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. I started it on the Plunker website and then moved to PhpStorm to complete it. (Sadly, the Plunkr link has no cat images.)


Bootcamp Capstone Project

Time Crunch - For Deep Dive Bootcamp, team built schedule management tool developed with Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, and Angular.js.

sample page


I volunteered with Silver Horizons as a web developer to update and further develop their WordPress website.

sample page

University Research Model

Large custom WordPress website showcasing research model and methods including videos and interactive infographics.

sample page

Wellness Ecommerce Site

Custom WordPress designed website and eCommerce shop built with WooCommerce.


Multisite for Authors

My first WordPress multisite! Custom designs and templates with custom fields. Includnig forums and custom post types and custom archives.

About Me

I'm Elaine Thomas. I'm a Web Developer and..

me last day old job

I Have A Solid Work History

Working in the telecom industry gave me a chance to learn snippets of proprietary programming languages but I yearned to learn more than online courses could teach me. I decided to make a career change and returned to school to learn web development.

Kitty Pueblo

I Like Making Stuff

I enjoy the process of creation. Whether it's the art of baking a lovely loaf of bread or the technical specifications necessary to produce a papier-mâché pueblo for cats - there is always learning involved and (usually) joy in the results.

game group


Cooperative gaming is my favorite game style. I relish gaming in several forms - online (most recently Destiny), tabletop (Ascension, Magic The Gathering, Fluxx), and pen & paper role playing games (Pathfinder). By no means is this all of the games I enjoy. I like to learn new games too.

me at So Ya Think You Can Dance

I to Dance

“‎Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.” ~Rumi

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I work with 11 Online as a Web Developer / Project Manager.

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